Shrapnel explosive cube
Shrapnel explosive cube
Shrapnel explosive cube

Shrapnel explosive cube

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Shrapnel is a magical device that allows you to turn one large cube into many small ones. With it, you can control objects with your mind. Join the M5 team of illusionists to amaze everyone!

In addition to unique magic props, you get access to online training with step-by-step instructions. Watch the videos, learn the secrets of the tricks, show them to your family and friends, and become a part of the M5 illusionist team!

This trick belongs to micromagic and develops the following useful skills and abilities:

👅 communication skills

🎲 sleight of hand;

👌 ability to control the situation;

😎 self-confidence;

👏 acting skills.

Learn magic with the Magic Five team right now!


Age - 8
Difficulty - easy
Number of items - 1
Type of magic - street, micromagic
Package size - 21 x 13.5 x 5 (cm)
Material - plastic,magnet,metal
Development - attention, reaction, motor skills
Availability of training - with training
Country of manufacture - Ukraine

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