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Svengali deck of cards

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Magic Five playing cardsMagic Five playing cards

Magic Five playing cards

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Set for magic tricks MENTAL BOXSet for magic tricks MENTAL BOX

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Magic deck Phantom deckhttps://youtu.be/hCmiP3a2rVQ

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Card tricks: easy, do-it-yourself, video tutorials by Magic Five

Learn card tricks from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can learn how to perform them at home, in a cafe, or anywhere!

The Magic Five (M5) team has prepared video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. They will help you understand the technique of performing card tricks of all difficulty levels.

By purchasing a set of magic tricks, you get the necessary props to perform exciting card tricks and more: coins, money, fire, cookies...

You'll be able to fascinate your friends with a variety of tricks, including «4 Kings», «Guessing Cards», and other card tricks that will leave them with great emotions and impressions.