School of magic

The first school that every child dreams of going to

Why magic?

who we are

We, Magic Five, are professional illusionists and bloggers.

We are among the TOP-10 most popular influencers of Ukraine. Our YouTube channel has more than 10m subscribers. We have been doing magic for over 10 years. We develop magical props that can be purchased in our online store.

We are opening our School of Magic for dreamers of all ages, where we will share the secrets of tricks and teach our students to be amazed!

Its MAGIC...

Convenient viewing of short videos with demonstrations of tricks. Move from focus to focus by swiping the screen up/down. The "Learn" button leads to a complete video tutorial of this trick.

School of magic

10 lessons as a gift

The first 1000 users who download to their phone and go through quick registration.